Understand How Your Business is Doing on the Web

We help you understand how your business is doing on the web by providing you with actionable data on your website performance.

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Creating a website is only the first step to establishing a presence on the Web. Since your website is truly never done, it’s time to begin the next stage of your creating a strong online presence. 
It is time to understand how people are using your site and how this information can help your improve your business. It is also time to determine whether your website is achieving your goals.

Is your new website working for you? Are you reaching the audiences you have targeted? How does your website help in achieving the goals you have set for your business? Is it functioning in a way that benefits your business and your bottom line?

At Ysari, we will set up metrics tracking for your website and, more importantly, help you understand what the numbers mean:

  • Install and configure Google Analytics (GA) account for your website
  • Monitor overall site growth and pinpoint key drivers of growth of your site
  • Tell you how users come to the site and what those users do once they get there
  • Know which content, functions and flow are working on your website (and which are not)
  • Track marketing campaigns to determine the best and effective channels of driving traffic and conversions to the site
  • Track customer interest in your products and services Help you understand how users interact with the content on the site
  • On a monthly basis, prepare an actionable report that can help you understand your website traffic and pinpoint opportunities for growing your online presence

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